The oddest year ever!

31 May 2020

I haven't blogged for many months, and I should because Freddie continues to work hard, each day achieving more and hopefully reaching our goal of a BE80.

2020 has been an odd year so far. Having finished 2019 on a high and started this year with our first ever arena eventing event, things were temporarily put on hold first by continuous storms of rain and high winds and then by the era of Coronavirus. Entering lockdown amid a stormy wet March, we horse folk were thankful at least to be allowed out to continue to care for our best friends.

At first it meant limited hacking but then as that opened up Fred and I have started to wander further afield with Wendy and Symph.

On 26 May, the field was finally cut, baled and emptied of 'said bales' which left it open for us to 'play' in from 27 May. And play we have. On that day I took Fred into the field for a 'hoon' around.

On the Thursday (28th) we had a lesson in there and today we began our 'fittening laps' out there. It's so nice to have a large field to use, and I hope we get to keep it as an exercise field for some time yet.

So here's some footage of Fred, enjoying his 'hoon'.

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