TIJA Marketing has always provided senior level marketing consultancy support to in-house marketing teams of large Global corporate organisations, small-to medium businesses or other marketing agencies. 

However, in 2020 a new aspect to the business arose and we found we were now also supporting small local start up businesses as we created websites and provided marketing advice to entrepreneurs. To better appeal to this small business market, a sister brand to TIJA Marketing was formed - the SME Marketeers.


The SME Marketeers' work ​with small businesses often starts on a project basis to create (or enhance) an online presence. When creating websites for its clients, all the same activities are applied that you would find from a large organisation creating a bespoke website, but the build is on a user-friendly CMS system. This means that clients can have control of their own destinies and can make any future changes to their own sites without incurring additional costs.

Once the sites are live, the SME Marketeers are on-hand to provide marketing plans, advice and support to launch and promote your product or service. This is done through appropriate marketing channels that will attract customers to your website in a cost-effective way. Marking supports can be provided either on an project or ongoing basis, and again, simple, user-friendly tools are used which can be accessed and changed by our clients should they want to.