Completing the year with an 85-90cm course

28 December 2020

​Badgworth Arena is becoming a bit of a favourite for us! I absolutely LOVE the going in the arenas and so nice to have an indoor arena on a cold sleety day in December. This time last year (27 Dec 19) Fred and I competed at Badgworth jumping 60cm and 70cm courses. My goal today was to jump a course at 90cm. It has been 9 years since I jumped a course of that height (albeit a little bit larger because it was affiliated) and the first time I ever jumped a course at 3ft (it was old money in those days) was GBEC on Dream in about August 2005. I must look up those pictures.

Anyhoo, today Freddie and I managed to jump a course of 85-90cm. We jumped it 3 times. Better the first 2. Between us we always get a bit divvy when we know we're being video'd.

I particularly liked that I popped a few warm up fences and then for my first round (which was 80/85) started straight over the 85/90cm fence which I thought was jump one without realising. D'oh. Woke Freddie up though! And he jumped it beautifully.

After jumping, we headed out for a 40min hack with Carole and Nemo, which was awesome and Fred was so cool about life, that he lead the way. What a dude.

So as this weird old year draws to a close. There are things to be grateful for. How far Fred has come in both his jumping and his flatwork - testament to what a super horse he is, how much work Jayne has put in to us and how much I love being part of this partnership. My wonderful Fred. Nothing will stop us, my clever, clever boy.

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