TIJA Marketing was formed in 2006 by Ewen Logan, who - frustrated by common failings of the advertising and marketing industry - sought to create a marketing consultancy that was different. A consultancy that offered high levels of marketing knowledge and service from senior marketeers and where an open and transparent client-consultancy relationship was key. As a result, some of TIJA Marketing’s clients have been working with us for over a decade.

Ewen Logan, Partner, TIJA Marketing


My family lived in Kenya and so naturally I have strong ties to Africa. As founder of TIJA Marketing you can see its influence. 

In my early career, I worked for some of the largest Direct Marketing and Advertising Agencies in London with roles in senior account management and planning functions. My clients were from a variety of sectors, but predominantly in the finance, technology and charity sectors. ​

​I set up TIJA Marketing in 2006 following a two year client-side secondment to Lloyds TSB where I was responsible for the planning, execution and management of its home and motor insurance direct marketing strategy. 

However, TIJA's first client - Care for the Wild International - was a call back to my roots. As head of fund raising I ran integrated on- and off-line direct marketing campaigns for a cause that I feel passionately about which was extremely rewarding.

Over the years TIJA Marketing has focused on the technology sector, delivering projects for some of the most well known industry brands. These projects have covered the entire digital spectrum, but the drive has increasingly been on lead acquisition, management and effective use of marketing automation. It is inspiring to work with a sector that is at the cutting edge of both technology and marketing.


110% dedicated to my passions and one of the lucky people who 20 years ago knew what I wanted to do. I wanted a career in Marketing and I wanted to Event. I have achieved both. 

Starting with a marketing degree at Lancaster University, my marketing career in Financial Services has taken me on a journey from agency side B2B marketing in traditional offline media through to client side B2C with a digital specialism. 


What I love most about digital technology, is the potential for delivering outstanding customer experience. There are no limits. ​  


Alongside this I have successfully competed at British Eventing at BE90 and now have another special horse and have started the eventing journey again.

Fred XC in action with Kelly Logan, TIJA Marketing


I had the pleasure of working with TIJA Marketing for 6 years, during which time they supported our digital transformation. 

From strategy to process, reporting and execution the team at TIJA Marketing were able to apply their years of experience to our specific use-cases.

Ewen innately forecasted our strategic direction and rapidly jumped in to support our evolution and growth. 


I'm grateful for their contribution to our program and always look forward to working with them. 

Barry Edelman, Marketing and Operations Professional

I've had the unique perspective of working with TIJA Marketing under multiple scenarios including as a vendor as well as in a collaborative capacity with a shared client. 

Regardless of the direction of the commerce, TIJA Marketing remained highly competent and focused digital marketers with a commitment to improving business outcomes. 

Beyond this marketing acumen, they were also a genuine pleasure to work with. 

Phineas Gay, CMO-to-Go


Business is all about partnerships. Having the right team behind you, supporting you offering insight, prepared to challenge and be challenged makes partnerships truly successful. 

All of our client work starts with an initial call or meeting, during which we will ask you all about your current business goals, challenges and marketing requirements so that we can provide you with a detailed proposal of how we intend to help you. We will also tell you about us and how we work, so you can decide if we are a good fit for your team.