3rd in our first EVER 80cm class!... well...

27 September 2020

We headed back to Badgworth, this time competitively, doing at 75cm warm up and our first ever 80cm round in competition.

We were 2nd in the 75cm and would have been 3rd in the 80cm - if the pilot had remembered to listen for the bell! I mean seriously hooman? How many years have you been competing! In my defence, it had been an hour or so between classes and I had slightly lost my focus, so had Fred. He went into the arena being slightly cantankerous and so when I heard Jane announce our names, I just assumed the bell would go and off I set. Whoops. Still good to know we'd have been 3rd, especially as I wasn't particularly looking for the time by either putting my foot down or cutting in.

And so there we have it. Fred and my first ever 80cm class, and he walked it. In fact, we were even naughty and still breezed through it.

At least the 75cm round was tidy ;)

EDIT 26-12-21

The first picture has become very special... Not only is it me jumping my first competitive 80 (think this fence was 85 as it was in the JO) but for Christmas 2020 my friend Jayne had it made in to a painting by numbers oil painting. My mum began painting it for me in September 2021. She got half way through before cancer took her, and I completed it first whilst sitting with my mum in her final days and then in the week after. My mum in law Helen had it framed for Christmas 2021 and it hangs pride of place in the lounge.

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