We provide senior level marketing consultancy services to support our clients’ in-house marketing teams. Whether that is providing help with strategy, planning and implementation, or working to upskill more junior members of the team through mentoring and knowledge share. 


Having worked in-house ourselves, we understand the pressures on your marketing team’s time. Whilst constant and regular measuring, monitoring and reviewing of campaigns is desired in an ideal world, it is not always physically possible with time constraints.


Very often, when we start working with new corporate clients, we will first be commissioned to complete a digital marketing audit. This sounds very grandiose, but this basically takes a deep dive look at all the marketing you have been running to understand what has been working well, what could be improved and where any obvious ‘budget leaks’ are occurring. As well as analysis of your marketing data, we also include interviews with key stakeholders (sales, marketing, ops teams etc) as the project requires to get a full picture of your marketing success. 

In our experience, our audits always highlight immediate interventions that can be made to make an instant impact the bottom line, but we also provide long-term strategic recommendations to provide a plan of action for continuous growth and successes. 

Our audits are forensically detailed with Audit Output Reports being up do 10,00 words in length. Any complete audit is always presented and discussed with the client as a matter of course. 



Over the past two decades, TIJA Marketing has provided strategic marketing advice direction for clients all over the world.

This strategic consultancy has ranged from organisation-wide digital transformation to single product/channel marketing initiatives.

Working on the premise that “Relevancy” is of utmost importance in any marketing activity, TIJA Marketing tenaciously keeps clients on track, ensuring the emphasis is to deliver the most effective message, at the most effective time, through the most effective channel, to yield the most effective outcomes. This means that rather than getting caught up in the latest fad, we refine the business and marketing objectives into their simplest forms and make sure that the strategy and the channels used are selected based on the best return.

Our strategy experience is therefore relevant to organisations both large and small.



Both Ewen and Kelly have experience of managing teams and developing talent in both corporate and small-to-medium organisations.

As part of our consultancy services, rather than simply deliver agreed projects or campaigns, we strive to work closely with your in-house team to share knowledge and up-skill members of the marketing team.

Whether our work with you is on a strategic or tactical level, we aim to share our experience, learnings, observations and thought processes. Through this mentoring, we can upskill your internal team with a better understand of digital marketing. The purpose of any good consultancy after all, is to get the company and its team to a position where they no longer need your services.



This is where the data driven, analytical brains of both Kelly and Ewen combine to add tangible value for your teams.

As part of our work to understand your customer journey and key points along the path from prospect to loyal customer, we design detailed MI reports, pulling together information from often disparate sources, that will allow you to take both a quick glance high level view of your overall marketing on a regular basis and should any warning flags appear, quickly drill down to find the cause of any poor performance.

As such the MI reporting we have created has been implemented Globally by our clients.

Goal Setting
Regular Review 
MI Reporting 
Test and Learn 
Best Performance


With many of our clients, once we have completed the audit and provided our recommendations, we are on hand to implement both changes and campaigns. This can start at a high level – working through the purchase decision journey, scoping the different channels, content and automations, right through to ‘on-the-ground’ support – e.g. research PPC keywords, writing ad copy and setting appropriate bidding strategies. 

But not all our clients begin with an audit, some simply want a senior resource with knowledge that can ‘hit the ground running’ to help their team get new projects and campaigns off the ground. Whether this is advice on creating a good lead generating automation, account based marketing strategy and implementation, or simply advice on how best to optimise the website for better results.