Whoops, that's not how you do dressage

9 December 2017

The plan was to do a dressage test. The reality was that I didn't practice enough and went out the night before the dressage. Eeks - I am a lightweight so that was kind of crazy talk and even though I went home not on to the bar to save myself, the damage was done. However, here are pics from today's stressage. It's not my strongest phase at the best of times. I find it really stressful. ​

For the first test my heart was just racing (probably not helped by the hangover). Somehow, I scrapped a 6th in the first class - intro C!!

I felt more relaxed for my second class (Prelim 7) and although my head was banging, it started well. I was happy with a much straighter entry (scored 7.5) and it all just seemed to flow better. However, after a nice start to the canter, the horse from the next arena arrived in ours and we sort of got a bit distracted in canter, wobbled into the downwards move and didn't really recover. ​That said, we got a respectable 64.5% in the second class.

I was out of the placings and I have much to improve on from a rider perspective.... I don't think many people get the word entertaining written on their judges comments either 😂😂😂 But I'm really proud of Freddie and now I have a plan.

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