12 May 2018

My last Stressage before the op. I was really pleased with the boy. Again no photos, or film of the day at Cannington. But Freddie stayed so calm all day, we rode a decent test and I was really pleased with him. It was nice to end on a good note before I go off for a few months. Once again sadly no pics of this day.

14 July 2018

Lovely day with Fredster courtesy of the teal farm ladies. So grateful to Amanda and Jayne for all their work with Freddie whilst I'm out of action. Also very grateful to Rachael and Amanda for organising Freddie, getting him booked in, bathed, plaited, transported and grooming for Amanda H.

The boy did good. Lovely to see him strutting his stuff. Just 3 more weeks until I can ride. Love this boy. Looking forward to 4 August.


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