Out there doing it again! Living the dream!

​25 November 2017 - BKRC team show jumping. ​

It's been a busy weekend. Both boys did me proud in my jump lesson with Jayne on Saturday, then it was hunt ball with the Teal farm family, and Sunday was show day for the lovely Minstrel (Amanda's pony) and Freddie the Ginja Ninja (Ros's pony).

It was always a dream of mine to compete two at a show, so I felt pretty inspired driving both boys up to Stretcholt.

I had a blast on them both, so very, very grateful to Amanda and Ros for letting me take both ponies. Love them both.

​Massive thanks to Rachael, Courtney, Colette, Juliet, Alan and Claire for being fabulous team mates and support. Our teams were 2nd in the 60/65cm class and 5th in the 70/75cm class.

So ..... there we are.....we're doing it! It's been a while but we're out there again!! #Welovetealfarm #TeamBKRC

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