And that, my friend, is a 90cm fence!

19 September 2020

It's been a long week, with lots of exciting things and I've entered a few competitions which will come up over the next few weeks.

Our jumping has been really coming on. I guess from around the back at the end of July when we first went to Badgworth after lock down we started to incorporate the odd 80cm fence. Then throughout August we've been jumping at home (and Badgworth) and starting to become really comfortable with 80cm fences. We started talking about going higher and wider.

And then today, we warmed up and just started popping one of the barrel fences, and then headed over to the Orange upright and he was so spritely we just popped it up and up, and then there we were, jumping a 90cm fence!!!!

But we didn't just jump it once, we jumped it a few times and then incorporated it into the course, with a wider (albeit only a 75/80cm fence. My incredible pony. Making my dreams come true.

18 August (bit late posting)

BUT it's not just the jumping

Fred is giving me so much confidence that we are even hacking out ON OUR OWN. That's huuuuge for me.

Everything this gorgeous boy does just makes me smile.

This pic is of us on the beach with Vicky and Ella last Sunday. Again my little superstar.

And finally cross country practice at Inspire XC!

There's just no stopping Fred! Whatever you point him at, he takes on!

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