Back to Badgworth Arena for a larger round - make it a double

6 August 2020

And suddenly, we blink and it's August. We headed back to Badgworth for a spot of larger jumping. I absolutely LOVE the going in their outside arena. It's just perfect!

No messing about today. We popped the first round straight up at 70cm and then the second round up to about 80cm. In my lessons at home since the last visit, we got the idea that Fred jumps so much better when I'm slightly out of the saddle for the duration. And so, armed with this new knowledge we headed up to Badgworth with a plan to up the fences quickly this time. Two beautiful fault free, perfectly met rounds - off camera and we decide to video. And yet, when I know the camera is out, I always fluff something. But still, from this round you get the gist. XC practice next Thursday at Inspire Cross Country, so handy to have a local course to go and play on.

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