Back on board and behaving badly!

Updated: Apr 26

20 August 2018

Apparently "open up along the long side", doesn't mean laugh maniacally, hoof your pony and say weeeeeeeeee as he hot foots it up the field. It is supposed to be done with some decorum. Freddie and I are just to similar sometimes. The video is footage of our more contained sensible moments.

I should apologies to our long suffering lovely trainer. Jayne Smith Equestrian We had a lot of fun and promise to concentrate harder next time. But given I've only been back on board for two weeks.... It's been a long time since we got to canter around on the grass!

EDIT 26-04-2022

As I upload these blogs to my new TIJA site, this memory is bitter sweet. My wonderful, beautiful mum was behind the camera. She had flown over to be with me after my op and then had come to visit and help me in August. We spend a lovely month together, poo picking Freddie's field and just enjoying our time together.

Mum will always be with me when I'm with Fred. I miss her terribly and only now truly understand how much joy she got from being with me and Fred.

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