More stressage, more frillies

28 Oct 18 - Cannington

​​No pics of today bar this one. I upped the anti today and went back to Preliminary level dressage. I was delighted with two 5th places - intro 65% and prelim 64.8%. Particularly on what was the coldest breeziest day for some time!

​Our second test was definitely our better test... A nice smattering of 7s and 6.5s in the results. We even got a comment on our super canter. Not a bad day for a pony with a sore tooth..... Especially for one who clearly likes to milk being slightly sore!

As ever, there are thank you's for support - to Amanda for being a fab groom and my wonderful instructor Jayne for all her hard work in our lessons. Finally to Fred, because, despite being a cheeky monkey... I have so much love for this gorgeous boy. Xxx

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