A win and a 3rd with some of our best scores yet!

15 July 2020

A bit late writing this because July into August was insanely busy creating and launching lots of lovely new websites for lots of love people. So busy in fact that I didn't put pen to paper. But mid-July, BKRC ran their first 'online dressage' competition. It was being filmed by us all at home and being judged by Jayne. My lovely instructor. And so I somehow got talked in to giving a Novice test a go. Footage below.

I wouldn't normally have considered it but as we were at home, why not right? And actually doing the test went very well. Getting the Novice outline is going to take some getting but in terms of accuracy and doing the moves, we got it all, which compared to where we were last year was quite some feat!

We also managed to knock out a really, really smart little Prelim test for 66% test. Even scoring 7.5 and 8's for the trot work, with the canter frame letting us down but still receiving 6's.

And so with out further 'ado' pics and vids below.

Prelim 18

Novice 28

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