20 Feb 2022

I haven't written so far this year, not least because so far this year every dressage competition I've entered has been cancelled due to bad weather.

But on 25 January at the BKRC AGM, Fred and I WON the senior dressage trophy.

In a lesson with Nat Passmore on 8 January, where Fred behaved beautifully, I had started the lesson saying I was going to go HC in the Novice on 9 Jan and 30 mins into our lesson Nat said to me "It's up to you, but I don't think you should go HC, you would be competitive." And even "I think you should go Novice and keep going". I nearly cried. In NLP terms, I anchored that, that belief.

Previously Steph had also told me to go to Elementary and Jayne had said that was always the plan :)

Unfortunately, when I went back to Ros's a month later for another lesson with Nat, Fred was fooking wild. All self-belief undone. :(

I withdrew from the rest of the comps in Feb. To be fair to Freddie, we as a family are going through a lot at the moment and my head isn't in the right place. He's desperate for turnout. It's just a recipe for problems. And the last thing I want to do is go out, get a crap score and confirm to 'everyone' that I really am just a crap rider.

As things calm down over the next weeks, I will look again at schedules......​

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