South West and Wales Riding Club CHAMPIONSHIPS!

17 August 2019

It's amazing how far we've come. Although our test left quite a lot to be desired, we miraculously scored 62.88% so higher than a) I'd anticipated ahead of the day and b) much higher than the 58% I felt the test had ridden on the day.

But there were so many positives from today:

  1. We travelled with another horse and didn't once get clingy about it

  2. We warmed up in a REALLY busy warm up - about 9 or 10 horses in a 60x20 and didn't worry

  3. He let the bridle numbers attach right behind his eyes without worrying

  4. He went in to a championship dressage arena with three arenas going on at once, right by the gate and braving the blowing marquees

  5. Although he wasn't able to go forward enough in the test, he didn't spook, shy or do anything naughty

  6. We did the test without a whip

  7. He behaved beautifully all day and stood quietly and patiently until we finally left a 5pm after the results.

I really feel so proud of this little dude. I feel like we're a team now, a real genuine partnership. There aren't words enough to describe how amazing and incredible that bond or connection feels.

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