Finishing the year with a Boing and a Smile!

Updated: Apr 28

It's been a busy month and I should have been blogging - poor Fred but work, Christmas and family visits took hold!

Fred and I have finished the year hitting some massive goals and with plenty of 'elevation'.

The trot work now from Fred EVERY time feels quite incredible and is improving. Below is a vid of our training on 13 Dec - lesson with Jayne. From our first trot 2 years ago to today, we have lift, elevation, softness in his neck, we just need to make the head more stable in its frame, but it's getting there. Now to achieve this in the canter....

Then with a TealFarm Family outing planned for 30 Dec, I had a quick pop at home (got bucked off after and exuberant jump resulted in a pole down and a cross Freddie.... Not a patch on the cross mummy that got off and scalded him, almost recreating a Benny Hill moment around the arena!) However, my first fall in 2 years so....

And having had a jump on Boxing Day I noticed that a local venue was having a Xmas Show Jumping competition two days later and so I headed down for the 60cm and 70cm class.

28 Dec Badgworth Arena Show jumping

The exuberance continued in the warm up, but having jumped a clear in the 60cm (I would have hoped so!) and pulled out the turns for a nifty jump off (unfortunately clipping one jump - the easiest!) we managed to get the 3rd fastest time but there were 6 clears so although we were the fastest 4 faulter, we were 7th and out of the rossies.

But we hit a Be-e-eaut-iful 70cm round, with just an oopsy at the end when we both momentarily thought we were heading up the arena, when in fact we were turning back on ourselves. Fred suddenly couldn't remember how many legs he had and which order they moved in and we knocked the fence down. But was delighted at the round he gave me and the air he gave the 70cm fences. And I rather think it's time I dug out the brave pants and started to move up!

Pontispool Arena XC training

Which leads me to the 30 December. Filled with confidence, we travelled down with Sue and George to join the family outing at Pontispool. Finding out when we arrived that none of the 70cm fences appeared to be out, I thought my day might be limited, and yet suddenly there we were - Fred and I - booming up the step and over the barrels and popping the house before we'd even realised.

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