Our first Dressage comp in 8 months and we try a Novice test

2 April 2022

After the rather disastrous show jumping competition in November after we lost mum, I lost my mojo a bit. I had a good lesson with Nat Passmore in Jan 8th, the BKRC dressage on the 9th was cancelled and then Fred was a complete tit when I took him to Ros's again for another lesson with Nat in Feb.

I decided that with everything else going on, that maybe I should wait until we turned out again - both of Ewen's uncle's passed in March, Uncle Iain passing from cancer with a diagnosis only being made on 19 Jan!, Ewen had visited him in Ireland with Jim in Feb, and his Uncle Reinhard passing from a major stroke and bleed on the brain at the end of March.

I had thought about doing both the Novice tests, but I decided may be to do a Prelim first to warm up and then go for the Novice 24 - I think this is one of the more difficult Novice Tests!

I thought Fred behaved beautifully, he warmed up well and I thought he did a really smart little prelim test but we made a lot of silly mistakes in the Novice and didn't get either medium trot. However, the judge felt that my prelim test warranted just 65.6% for 8th out of 10. I don't normally disagree with the judge, but I was surprised at such a mediocre score.. This was definitely one of Fred's better tests and he was getting late 60s previously. However, there we are. That is the nature of judging. I was really surprised then to find that my Novice score (which was the same judge) achieved 64.8% (?) with a few 7's thrown in including a 7 for my medium canter!

Obviously delighted to have achieved my highest ever Novice score! But also confused at how the two tests could produce the same score. I'm glad I had the video as I have watched and re-watched the Prelim Test and whilst I see errors, I also don't see that the test was a 65%. I've done much worse tests for more. May be I'm still just sore about losing my mum.

Anyhoo, both tests below....

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