Online dressage during lockdown - our 'windy day' test delivers a 68%

March 2021

A week later than anticipated (following a much needed and emergency visit from Aunty Kazia) I set up the dressage arena and got video-ing..... With the slight challenge that the weekend I had determinedly chosen (having been delayed) saw 40mph winds which were blowing my boards about.

But determined, I set off to ride my tests. After a great start to my Prelim 2, in the 40mph winds, Freddie was surprised by a visitor behind the trailers and totally lost the plot. Once it became clear that we couldn't start our canter at the trailers without panicking, I decided to cut to riding BE92 instead. A little tense and going marginally 'left quarters' Freddie 'trotted' out a smart little test, which to my surprise scored an exciting 68%!

Short term goal - check. Next step.....

Prelim 2 - Whoops! PANIC! Let's try BE92 then

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