Area 12 Team SJ - Not quite to plan....

20 November

KSEC Area 12 jumping - I signed up to the team jumping in the weeks after we lost mum. I felt it would make us 'keep the promise' of keeping going. I'll be honest though as the days loomed closer I wasn't really feeling it. I arranged to have a jump at Badgworth and although I merrily set the fences up at 85cm I just couldn't find my mojo.

I hadn't really even arranged for anyone to come with me to the show, but Amanda very kindly took pity on me. I loaded Freddie a little 'without heart' and so at first attempt he didn't load. So I gathered myself together and we loaded.

Freddie was fine in the trailer and to tack up but the second my butt hit the saddle we were 'on one'. He made me ride hard for the warm up and the course. You can always tell when its been a 'bit of a performance' when random people congratulate you for staying on and getting your horse around. I did the 80cm and then withdrew from the second round. I didn't feel it would get any better. :(

Freddie waving his front fee in the air after completing fence one.

Ping, ping, fling, fling

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