New home, new start

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After much deliberation, I decided to make the move to Badgworth. Having discussed it with Millie, we decided that winter turnout was essential to Fred. With some encouragement from a good friend, I went to view and felt very comfortable there.

And so on 19th July, Fred and I re-homed ourselves to Badgworth Arena.

We moved on the Tuesday, and on the Weds I rode in the arena for 50 mins. A lot tense but he breathed in the end. This photo is from our third day there, we'd taken ourselves off on a solo hack, Google Maps in hand to mooch down towards Badgworth Village around the church and back. He was an absolute angel.

We've been there 2 and half weeks now. It seems like we've always been there. I'm loving having 3 arenas to choose from. I've practiced in the indoor arena with the whiteboards twice, been hacking with Tarra, worked in the big 60x20 black arena a few times now, had a jump (Fred thought this was amazing fun and kept locking on to the 90cm spread that I hadn't adjusted - even locked on backwards once!) we've been solo hack exploring - which if you think how far we've come to do that. Hacking after OB and now I'm exploring on my own with Fred.

Also yesterday whilst practicing our flat work in the lurverly big arena, we were playing with our canter. 3/4 line - leg yield to the side, turn back down centre line at C and then canter back to the track - leg yielding (and flexing) the other way e.g. the way we were going. ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA, what this move is called or if we were doing it right, but it felt cool.....

During these weeks, we've had another hard blow as Nel has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. The week of the 25 July was horrendous. His leg (which had blown up to twice the size on the Sunday night a week before) was now very swollen and he was in a lot of bother. After 3 sleepless nights, we finally got the diagnose. But on steroids he's so much happier. I had hoped to do the jumping competition at 'home' on the 31 July, but as it turns out, mentally I just wasn't ready. I also missed the PBRC dressage at Cannington (6 August).

And yet, I know I just have to have faith that everything will come back. It will take time but it will happen. Life isn't always linear.

I will jump competitively again, it WILL all be ok......

Ooh and one I forgot to add - a lesson at home before we left.... This was at the end when he was getting tired....

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