Mendip plains SJ - practice before SWWRC!

15 August 2021

Fred and I were due to jump at KSEC Area 12 SJ qualifier for BKRC on 31 July. Unfortunately I had my Pfizer 2nd jab and Fred obviously did something in the field and neither of us were in a fit state to go! Gutting since we had been popping 90cm course at home nicely.

My team though rocked it - WINNING the 80cm class with just 3 riders and gaining us qualification to SWWRC.

So Fred and I thought we better get out and practice to help the team out at the finals! I signed up to the 70cm and 80cm classes at Mendip as I haven't done SJ since the ODE on 5 June. Fred definitely could still do with a Kazia Treatment to loosen up whatever he did in his neck. It's not desperate but it's niggling and we will definitely get that done before Pontispool (We entered on 9 August, so just hoping to get past the ballot on 24 August)

4 faults in both rounds. Fred wasn't really focused in the 70cm and I don't think I was particularly riding, so it was good to have a warm up round. The 80cm round I felt went much better. I felt that I was riding and he took on all the fences. They're nice and wide and up to height and 'lary' at Mendips, so I was delighted that he just took it all on flying everything without batting an eyelid. In our 80cm course we finished 7th in the pony section - just out of the rossies again. But to be honest, I was just happy to have fun. Mum has been poorly and is back in hospital so today we were #doingitfornanny

Roll on Saturday!

70cm round

80cm round

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