Goals and achieving in lockdown

22 Feb 2021

This evening we are due to hear from dear old Boris the 'plan' for 'easing' out of lockdown. I can't begin to guess which way this is going to go. Lockdown until summer/Autumn? Open everything up come hell or highwater 8 March when news has you believe the kids go back (unlikely).

With so much unknown on the 8 Feb I signed up to Flying Changes Coaching's #AchievinginAdversity Challenge. A 3 day challenge (check it out) that helps you to set long term, medium term and short terms goals during lockdown (using the backtrack framework NLPers), understand what you can and can't influence and then set small immediate targets to meet your goals. (Backtrack / chunk-down)

  • Short term goals - do an online dressage test and practice jumping corners and skinnies at home.

  • Mid term goals - XC arena practice and 80cm hunter trial at Mendips 25 April

  • Long term goal - 5 June - BRC Team horse trials at Pontispool

​And so, myself, Amanda and Sue are going to sign ourselves up to some online stressage next month.

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