Brave pants on - it's time for Camp!

16-18 June - Polden & Bridgwater Club Camp.

Sore legs today, but fab weekend at Camp with Freddie. Two flat lessons, one show jump, one gallops+flat. Our first ever time on the gallops.

Nat gave us a lot to think about in the show jumping - a course of related distances. A single to start, followed by a one strided double, turn to a two strided, turn to a 4 stride double loop back, dog leg 4 stride double, round to a 3 stride curving line.

Nicky gave us some really good exercises to a) get Fred back in the room, (16 horses in four groups doing all sorts in different directions) and then increase the lightness in the horses and get them holding their own frame. Awesome.

Becky had the stress of waiting on the blind side of the gallops for us hoping we'd not parted company as we met other people jumping on the xc coming in the other direction. Sadly no footage of this.

So happy with Fred-bear. Love that little dude - My world.

Thank you Amanda Williams for being my roomy. We both packed our brave pants this weekend. ​

18 June - My final camp overview

I realised today that I've actually really pushed all the comfort zone boundaries - I'm at camp with Freddie, which means we're trying a whole load of 'firsts' together:

  • Our first time staying away from home and all the worry about whether he would settle.

  • First time with new instructors - I've had lessons with 3 instructors I don't know so there's the whole agony about whether they are going to push you out of your comfort zone or not.

  • First time in back to back group lessons - (rather than not one-on-one) so that gets Fred fizzy and not only group lessons but there have been 4 groups going on at the same time all cantering and jumping in different directions at different times. So lots to contend with.

  • And finally - our first ever session on the gallops.

But Fred and I have coped and actually I need to realise how much we've achieved. I felt we weren't ready for group cross country on the final day and did a flat lesson instead, which meant we finished on a high. Instead of having a slightly crazed horse to ride in a whole terrifying scenario cross country that could have spooked us both, the flatwork instructor gave me a quick exercise to do to cool Fred's brain and I actually ended up being the demo of how to one of the exercises well. When it comes to riding, I have never been the person they point to as a good example for flatwork! So I came away on top of the world and Fred was just amazing. So I also have to acknowledge that switching was a sound decision not a whimping out, that I picked my (and Freddie's) battles and did the right thing for us both.

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