Arena Eventing 80cm at Mendips (training)

30 March 2021

Boris began to open up the world outside again a little on 29 March, which meant I hot-footed it down to Mendips on the 30th for a spot of Arena Eventing practice over their 80cm course. From this I would decide whether to do the 70 and 80cm at Mendip on 25th or just go straight to the 80cm.

When I turned up initially and looked at the fences, I thought I'd been over ambitious, but Fred just boomed over everything without a second look. I thought, I'll just pop the house, he flew over, so I just turned to the boat and then carried on around the course. Jump 4 was a rather 'bold' large roll top but he took it all in his stride. I think from the video you can hear just how excited I was!

Little 'wins' at home

Fred and I have been hacking out on our own now since October. But we have started to do Mutton Hill on our own and even went to the canter track. I'm loving that he's given me the confidence to hack again, particularly out alone.

Other than that we've been working on our jumping again after a frozzie Feb and March. Before Christmas we'd jumped 95cm upright and 85cm spreads. So we're back up to the heights again and he's so easily popping 85cm+ spreads. So some pics to acknowledge the journey....

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