Area 12 dressage - our highest prelim score yet - out and about

24 July 2021

Fred was an absolute angel. He warmed up beautifully, doing some shoulder in and some smart transitions and even doing a canter leg yield!

We scored 67.59% losing some silly marks in places I'm normally very accurate - namely the loop back to the centre line. As the 4th rider in, we went in to first place, and held 3rd place for a long time in the class, but finally finishing in 7th just out of the places.

With the winner (a BD Gold rider no less!) on 70%. So pretty happy with that. As an additional bonus, our score counted for the team and whilst initially we were 1 place out of SWWRC qualifications, we got a 'wild card' through so we're on our way to Hartpury again!!

Class results

Download PDF • 32KB

​Team results

Qualifying Team Results - Senior Prelim Dressage
Download PDF • 439KB

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