A week of fun!!

28 May 2022

I realised after the BE event that I may have got just a bit too serious about life. So I wanted to go back to 'fun'. I don't have video footage of this week's fun, which is a shame. But here it is:

On Weds 25th we took Freddie and Minstrel over to Burcott to use their canter track. It was a LOT of fun. Fred and Minstrel thought it was amaze-balls. It's a 2 furlong track and we did 7 laps (so 1.75miles) to check on fitness for the coming horse trials.

To be fair both horses had more running in them, but I was flagging on the 7th lap and when Charleigh asked about doing an 8th, I momentarily thought about it, then waved my hand and said "No, timeout, the old bird is breaking. I need to move tomorrow!" And boy was my back stiff.

Friday we did our usual 6 mile ride up to the Blackford fields.

Saturday was the last jump lesson before the horse trials. I wanted to practice xc style fences, in particularly a "T" skinny so we created this (see pic). A real accuracy test to make sure Fred was listening. We had an upright to the right of this fence and a corner fence to the left. We did figure of 8 loops to make test accuracy. Delighted to say Fred just took it on. No questions. Just went for it.

We'll run through our test on Wednesday and then we're ready for the BRC Area 12 horse trials..... Fingers crossed.

The T fence may not look very taxing cropped in like this (and it was only 70cm) but here it is just 'sitting' in the area:

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